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Community radio based at FFA.

Along with a number of collaborators, I am building a community radio station called It is supported by FaVU and based in Brno.

The main purpose is to create a local online platform for sharing, promoting and discussing music, podcasts, and other forms of audio. It is essentially a community project, catering first and foremost to the needs and interests of our local (sound + art + music) scene, with a secondary goal of showcasing the content to the broader public.

The radio is still in the early stages of development, but we are already broadcasting a 24/7 stream of music and podcasts, all locally produced.

Our current music programming consists of the archival FaVU 30 release, which mapped the rich history of music at FaVU, the contemporary compilation máš na míň released in 2023, and will be expanded soon with other favulabel associated releases.

We have also started broadcasting two Brno based podcasts. Brno G's explores small, self-made local businesses, while slovem is a series of recordings from queer feminist discussion events. is also a research platform for experimenting with new forms of sound and music production, distribution and presentation, while also exploring the potential of radio as a medium. I am exploring ways of bringing the live collaboration and open participation of in-person open jam sessions to an online space.

I see a great research opportunity in the technology of online broadcasting. Theoretically, anyone with the proper permissions could interrupt the broadcast momentarily to recontextualize it and add to it in some way, or maybe just announce something relevant to the local community.

The software we are running with is a self-hosted azuracast instance, which already provides a web interface for broadcasting. How can we build an interface and a community structure to take advantage of this opportunity?